John D’Agostino, Vocalist (aka Steve Perry/Dennis DeYoung/Tommy Shaw)

John grew up in New York. A long-time resident of South Florida, John has been singing since he was a young boy. Blessed with exceptional range, he is the driving force behind the band’s sound. With his sound-a-like re-creations of Steve Perry, Dennis DeYoung, and Tommy Shaw, there are few vocalists today who can match his talent.

Rob Doyle, Bass, Vocals, Musical Director (aka Ross Valory/Chuck Panozzo)

Rob hails from Calgary, Alberta Canada, and is a long time resident of South Florida. He has been playing bass guitar for more than 30 years working with bands including: George Fox, Powder River Express and Prairie Oyster. Rob was classically trained as a vocalist and spent a number of years performing in Music Theater. A veteran of the South Florida music scene, Rob also serves as the band’s leader and Musical Director.

Barry Gruber, Keyboards, Vocals (aka Jonathan Cain/Dennis DeYoung)

Barry was raised in Akron, Ohio. He spent time recording progressive rock for years in Memphis where he recorded music at the House of Blues before moving to South Florida. Although he has played keyboard and piano for 35 years, Barry’s real passion can be heard and felt through the intricate sounds he creates, intertwining the keyboard with the music. His attention to detail began when he worked as a keyboard tech for Dennis DeYoung. He loves adding that extra special touch to the band’s musical aura. Barry’s musical influences include Rush, Dream Theater, and Styx.

Bob Hoose, Guitar, Vocals (aka Neal Schon/Tommy Shaw/James Young)

Born and raised in Middletown, N.Y., Bob has played guitar and sang lead and backup vocals for many years, including a Beatles reverence band. 

Bob built his own recording studio and subsequently finished writing original material he had composed over the years.  He credits his musical influences to: Styx, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, ELP, Heart and Deep Purple, just to name a few.

Dennis Pelchat, Drums, Vocals (aka Steve Smith/John Panozzo)

Dennis is a life-long drummer, who came to South Florida via his hometown in Valleyfield, Quebec Canada. Like Barry, he's another huge fan of Progressive Rock and cites Carl Palmer as his biggest musical influence. Before joining Majesty of Rock, he performed with a band called Tranquility Base. While Dennis is known as the quiet one, he supplies the solid foundation for the band as well as the beautiful high harmonies.